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Nick Goldman

Hello, my name is Nicolas Goldman I am a young, passionate, and experienced creator of video and photo content. From idea, to set, to the finished product I have worked in many facets of this business and am eager to keep learning.


I specialize in portrait work and video production.  I am very skilled with a DSLR and have worked as a camera assistant on shoots using ARRI Alexas and SONY FS7's. I strive for a natural cinematic look in all of my content. I have worked in the world of 360 and VR and want to dive deeper into it. I think the idea of full immersion is compelling and can be used to deliver a superior experience to its viewers  


Currently, I work at Zeal Optics creating media for all of their platforms. From knee deep powder-days in the Rocky Mountains to the rivers of Utah, the company's amazing sunglasses and ski goggles have allowed me to shoot a wide range of content. Shooting for a brand has taught me to shift my aesthetic to fit specific criteria. It has also pushed me to think creatively about how to use emotion and storytelling to sell a product.


Last summer I traveled to Northern Ethiopia as a Photographer/Cinematographer and shot a 360, 9:16, 16:9 experiential and social film curated into an immersive experience. I am so honored and humbled that I had the opportunity to work with Charity:water to help provide clean and safe water resources to my now wonderful friends/extended family in Tigray, Ethiopia. The visuals, a crew of 5 of us shot, came together so beautifully at charity: water's annual gala. The event raised $7M, and 100% of it will go to funding a new drilling rig in Ethiopia, and the people that I connected to so spiritually will have clean water to drink for the very first time in April 2019. Their future is bright.


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